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The structures our scaffolders design and erect for clients in the Fareham area are designed to make working at height safe and simple; but they still need to be used responsibly. That’s the subject of today’s blog post: how you can avoid accidents while working on scaffolding.


If you’re currently in Fareham and are gearing up for a project that requires scaffolding solutions, we urge you to give our friendly team of scaffolders a call on 01489 572 150. We’ll be able to provide an exceptionally competitive quote, and ensure that any challenges your site presents are accounted for.


Avoiding Scaffolding Accidents


Get the Right Installers – A poorly designed or installed scaffold, regardless of how carefully you use it, poses a safety risk. This is why it’s essential that Fareham residents choose reputable and skilled scaffolders, like those at SAS. We’ll integrate all the essential safety features that your work calls for, use high quality scaffolding beams, and install it methodically via our meticulous in house “best practice”.


Inspect it Regularly – Some Fareham clients are comfortable inspecting their scaffolding themselves, due to being experienced trades who’ve undergone training in this area; however most will want our scaffolders in to perform a full inspection from time to time. The aim of this is to ensure that poor weather and environmental affects, vandalism or an on-site accident haven’t impacted the structural integrity of your scaffold.


Stick to the Rules – There are many Health & Safety guidelines and regulations that govern working at height. While some gung-ho tradesmen might think some of them are superfluous, and just more red tape to navigate, we have to disagree – they’re there for your safety due to the risk of working at height, and the sheer number of injuries that are experienced each year in Fareham and the wider UK. So be sure your workers are trained in the right way of working at height; our scaffolders will inform you of the details, such as maximum load, well-before leaving the site – but do chase us up if for any reason you’re unsure of what you can and cannot do on a scaffold.


Keep a Clean Space – This might seem like generic good praxis for all building sites, but with scaffolds it’s even more important. An untidy site has two main risks: an object falling from the scaffold onto someone below, and the tripping hazards that could mean someone stumbles and falls from the scaffold itself. We recommend all Fareham clients to really press home the importance of keeping a scaffold clean and tidy, and to take any infraction seriously before it results in injury or worse!


Don’t Cut Corners – It can be tempting to try and rush a job through by saving time in other areas. For example, not donning all the relevant safety equipment, or “hurrying” your work. But cutting corners and rushing are more often than not factors in accidents that occur at height. Just as our scaffolders take their work slowly and methodically to avoid accident, so should the end user take a similar approach.

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