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There are many different uses for scaffolding; as a result it’s difficult to predict what the average day in the life of a SAS scaffolder will look like – it’s part of the appeal of the job. So in this debut blog post, we’ve looked to run over a few of the different activities/projects that our scaffolders most often assist with in Southampton and its surrounds.


Keep in mind that the list below is far from exhaustive, and there are countless other more niche situations that our scaffolders can assist you with. So whatever your situation, if you think you need high quality scaffolding erected to your specifications, give Southampton’s Scaffold Access Systems a call on 01489 572 150.


5 Activities That Call for Scaffolding


Home Improvements – Live in the Southampton area and considering the benefits of investing in your property? Whether you’re considering a brand new kitchen, a loft conversion or the replacement of an old and leaky roof, it’s most likely you’ll need to get the SAS scaffolders in. We’ll design and erect a structure that facilitates efficient and safe working, so the project can proceed without incident, within the designated timeframe you’ve set out.


Decoration – Many painters and decorators active in the Southampton area use our scaffolders to establish a safe working platform; after all, many areas that need to be worked on are located at height or in hard to access areas. Working from a ladder is far less efficient, and often dangerous or awkward. Birdcage scaffolding is a popular choice due to the fact it provides a very large and wide working area.


Maintenance & Repair – There are all sorts of elements of a property that need regular maintenance, and will occasionally require repair. Think of roofs, fascias, soffits, brickwork and chimneys. Our scaffolders can ensure that Southampton repair workers and maintenance teams have a tailored structure that grants them easy, safe access to the area they’re working on.


Window Cleaning – Many of Southampton’s larger residential and commercial blocks have windows located at height that are inaccessible by the various tools that have come to market over recent years, allowing for window cleaning of second/third/fourth floor windows. These cases call for bespoke scaffolding structures, often hanging scaffolds secured to the top side of buildings. For obvious reasons, because of the sheer height that workers are operating at, these should be designed, erected and maintained by experienced and reputable scaffolders, like our Southampton based team.


Property Inspections – Scaffolding also allows for thorough inspection of buildings to ensure they meet safety regulations and aren’t in need of maintenance or repair work. So our scaffolders can assist in both phases here, creating a structure that allows for diagnostics, then altering it to allow for the repair work itself.

For more information on the structures we design and erect around Southampton, or to discuss a project you require assistance with, call our scaffolders on 01489 572 150.

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